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Yes, you read that right! KillShots will rebuild your current website for only $1500. We all know how important websites are to your outfitting success. You're probably losing hunting clients to your competition every single day. Don't procrastinate any longer; call 303-670-9000.


Includes these great features:


  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 24 Design Hours
  • SEO Optimization
  • Award Winning Design
  • Internet's Best Outfitter Galleries
  • Mobile Website: Add $1000


When people are ready to book a hunt, the very first thing they do is head to the internet. If your website is sub-par, you know damn well that you're losing hunts to your competitors.  A great new professional website will help you close that deal and sell those hunts.

Easy Payment Option

Winter Special: $1500

Hunting Outfitter Websites

Website Upgrades: What's Included



    Your KillShots Designer will review your current website over the phone with you and discuss things that you like and things that you wish to change. We'll review your competitors website(s) and notate features to be integrated into your new-and-improved website. Please set aside one full hour for this in-depth conversation as these discussions are used as a guide as we move forward into the design phase. Call 303-670-9000 to discuss your project.


    KillShots will completely rebuild every page of your website. (Within included Design Hours, see tab below) We'll borrow content from your current website, blend in new graphics or photos that you may have acquired and integrate stock imagery if needed.


    "Save the best — delete the rest!"

    KillShots Designers frequently recite this phrase when evaluating a customers old website. We know that there's  hidden gold amongst all those abandoned web pages. It's our job to to ferret out those useful bits of text, graphics and photos and combine them with fresh, new ideas. We'll completely rethink colors, navigation and pages;   you can expect a dramatic transformation that you will be thrilled to advertise and share with clients.


    We're not on a page count here at KillShots. Preset page counts are confining as it's impossible to anticipate how many pages are required until one is deep within the creation process. Sometimes it makes sense to split long pages into two distinct sections to enhance client apprehension, while some websites are best served by one long continuous page. We analyze each persons website as it's own unique project and our goal is to present your business information as intelligently and artistically as possible.


    Each Website Upgrade includes *Unlimited Revisions.

    Ideas and plans can sometimes fluctuate as you and your KillShots Designer begin to imagine all of the wonderful things that you wish to include about your business.  Therefore, it's best to be open to change and be able to make revisions without worrying that you only have "one more revision'. Website Upgrades include a set number of Design Hours, and within those parameters you are free to change everything to your hearts content.


    * Click Design Hours tab below for additional information


    KillShots Upgrade Package includes a set number of Design Hours. You are free to make Unlimited Revisions within these Design Hours. Additional Design Hours are billed at $60 each.


    • Desktop: 24 Design Hours
    • Desktop + Mobile: 30 Design Hours


    We will not exceed your included Design Hours unless given specific approval to do so. Do not look at Design Hours as an up-sell opportunity — most Website Upgrades are completed within the allotted time frame. We will keep you informed throughout the design process so there are no surprises at the end.


    KillShots offers the industry's best Hosting Plan and is priced at an affordable $20 per month. This hosting cost is typical throughout the industry and is likely less than what you are already paying your current Web Host. It's easy to switch your hosting over to KillShots and your Web Designer will handle everything for you.


    Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your own website changes? With KillShots Browser Editing you can — it’s so easy!


    1. Simply log-in to your website using your favorite web browser.
    2. Click on text or a photo and a window will pop up.
    3. Change text or add photos as desired.
    4. Click publish — and you're done — website updated.


    It's easier to use than Facebook with twice the Likes! This is the website control that you've dreamed about — and you can get it right now — with KillShots Browser Editing.


    KillShots Email Accounts are linked to your company name and domain name which is more professional than a generic Gmail, AOL or Yahoo account. KillShots Email Accounts include one free IMAP account and keep your computer and mobile devices in sync. (If you prefer to use a 3rd party email account (Gmail etc) that is certainly your choice.)


    KillShots Text Messaging will send you a text message the second someone sends you an email from your Contact Page. When people are comparing businesses on the internet, they start sending emails to a number of companies and talk to whomever responds first.  KillShots Text Messaging enables you to be that first caller and reply before your competition gets a chance. This handy service has been a big hit with KillShots customers. Messaging Service can be turned on-and-off as desired and routed to any smartphone.


    KillShots SEO covers a variety of very important techniques that a lot of Web Developers fail to properly utilize. KillShots SEO techniques include; Mobile-Friendly Websites,  Keywords, Meta-tags, Body tags, ALT tags, H1 Headlines, H2 Subheads, Site Maps, Page Titles, etc. It's critical that all of these SEO techniques are properly utilized to ensure maximum Google Search Ranking. At KillShots, there is no extra charge for all of these SEO techniques and they are included FREE with each new Website Upgrade.


    * Smartphone optimized websites are an upgraded package.


    Embed your Facebook Business Page directly into your website. Website visitors will be able to see current posts and photos directly from your Facebook Timeline. Give visitors a reason to Like your Facebook page and keep them informed of upcoming events.


    KillShots Blogs give you the ability to add fresh content to your website whenever you wish. Simply log in via your web browser and post your content including text, photos and videos. Google SEO loves new content as this is a strong indicator of a thriving and active website that is frequently updated.


    Keep your website fresh with KillShots Blogs.


    Take the KillShots Challenge

    Websites are absolutely critical in today's internet marketplace. It's the first place that potential clients will go when researching a business and you literally have 3 seconds to convince them to contact you before they head to a competitor. We challenge you to think of one thing that will have a larger impact on your immediate financial success than rebuilding your website.

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